Ranger Girl Zero -the Clevinger/Wegener webcomic that wasn’t.

Or hasn’t . . yet. Maybe. Also, it had no name. :P

Back when I stopped inking my pages and we started coloring directly over my pencils I was all like, “Daaaamn, son, I am gonna draw like, a dozen pages a week, and we’ll have all sorts of time for other projects.”

Then my skills kept improving, and I kept asking more from myself, and I’m not drawing any faster now than I was back in 2009. But I can happily say my art looks a lot better.

Last year, for whatever reason, we got it on our heads to think about doing a webcomic on the side. Our little break from Robo. Because when you eat bacon cake every day of the week, three meals a day, you do actually start to crave other things.

I thought that working small would also allow me to work fast. It did. I did these four pages in just a few hours. Granted, they are pretty  sparse. And a few panels are in need of serious help from a colorist. 

But in general I thought it was a very successful exercise.


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